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 MUSHA Damasucus Watch



Just as each and every person has own personality,
so does a wristwatch.
It is not just about knowing the time.
Sharpening your personality
- this is the commitment,
and goal of this watch

MUSHA is the only brand in Japan that uses Damascus steel, a material usually used for cutting tools such as high-end knives and kitchen knives, in a wristwatch.
A third version wristwatch "VI EMPEROR" by MUSHA, born from knives, will finally appear in February 2021.
When polished, Damascus steel is a steel material that reveals a mysterious pattern that attracts those who see it.
No two materials will have the same pattern due to the once lost technology that has been revived from modern technology.
One and only.
MUSHA Damascus Watch "VI EMPEROR" brings out the "individuality" of the wearer to the utmost. 
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VI EMPEROR features

Born in 2017
New brand



MUSHA was born in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, which is famous for producing kitchen knives and custom knives in Japan.
The founder Masayuki Otsuka (27 years old at the time), who was originally engaged in product development at a knife manufacturer, was fascinated by the unique appearance and beauty of Damascus steel, saw its potential, and began to wonder, "Is it possible to use this material in another field?", and started developing MUSHA independently.
After spending a year designing and planning, and having repeated negotiations with manufacturers, the first MUSHA Damascus Watch, "NOBUNAGA", was born.
In 2019, MUSHA's first mechanical wristwatch "SAMUARAI" was announced.
Both models called for funding via crowdfunding, and development funds totaling over 20 million yen in Japan and overseas were raised.
This "VI EMPEROR" was developed as a successor model to the first version "NOBUNAGA".
The design is inspired by Oda Nobunaga's family crest "Oda Mokkou crest", which was inherited from and inspired by NOBUNAGA.
"Blue Damascus" has been adopted for the first time for the automatic model

Automatic Model


"Blue Damascus" has been adopted for the first time for the automatic model.
A special painting process is applied to the conventional Damascus steel.
The one-of-a-kind pattern that shines in dark blue brings out further individuality like no other. The case is made of full metal (SUS316L), which gives the watch a profound feeling.
The bezel features five edge cuts designed with inspiration from Oda Nobunaga's Oda Mokkou crest.
The movement employs an automatic movement made by MIYOTA. Sapphire crystal is used for the glass resulting in great quality.
The specifications are suitable for the high-end model of VI EMPEROR.


Dial: Damascus steel (stainless laminated steel) special blue paint specification
Case diameter: 40mm
Belt width: 18mm
Belt length: 190mm (at the time of delivery), wrist circumference: approximately 210mm *Adjustable as an adjuster is included
Exterior: SUS316L
Movement: MIYOTA Cal.9015 (with calendar)
Glass: Sapphire glass
Water resistance: 5ATM water resistant (suitable for daily use)
Warranty: 2 year free warranty, if there is a defect in the manufacturing process
General selling price: USD800$ (tax included)
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Aiming to become such a watch brand



Nice to meet you everyone. I'm Masayuki Otsuka, the founder of MUSHA.
Thank you for visiting our page.

I launched MUSHA three years ago in December 2017.
From 2015 to that time, as a sole proprietor, I undertook design and design work to earn a living, and I had not yet thought about launching a wristwatch brand.

However, I had a background in product development work at a knife maker, and I had a desire to start a maker myself someday, and I was doing my daily work.

In 2017, the word "single manufacturer" was the trend in Japan at that time, and the era of so-called mass production has changed to the era of high-mix low-volume production, and subcontract manufacturers have begun to develop their own products one after another. Meanwhile, I remember that I decided to develop MUSHA with the intention of taking on the challenge of becoming a manufacturer, which had been my dream for a long time.

Why is it a "watch"?
To be honest, I'm not a watch enthusiast or watch collector who loves watches.

If anything, I'm a person who likes the latest products such as the Apple Watch.

However, I had a longing for luxury watches such as Rolex and Audemars Piguet to be "cool" and "I want to wear them someday."
When I thought about what to make, I decided to think about products based on the keyword "cutlery manufacturing" that I had experienced so far.
Through various trials and errors, I remembered having a meeting during the development meeting when I was working for a knife maker to see if I could make scissors using "Damascus steel".

At that time, in Japan, the use of Damascus steel, which has a beautiful pattern, was a trend in the cutlery industry in terms of differentiation.
"That's right. It would be interesting to make products other than cutlery using Damascus steel."

This was the reason why MUSHA was born.
However, making a watch from scratch has been a real challenge.
I could design and design by myself, but when it came to finding a processing maker or assembly factory, it was not straightforward.

"I can't trade because I'm a sole proprietor" "I don't have credit" "I can't sell such products"

While receiving various advice, I called dozens of companies, visited, and finally found a manufacturer who could cooperate, the first "NOBUNAGA" was completed, I was excited by tension and expectations, and released it alone in front of the computer I still remember the first time I did crowdfunding at the push of a button.

Three years after that, it seems that we can finally release the third series.

Looking around, I was born and raised in a rural town called Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, where mountains and rice fields spread out. I'm really surprised that a wristwatch brand is born from such a rural town.
I think of the brand MUSHA as follows.

Nowadays, all kinds of products have appeared in the world, and many people can choose many "things".
Cars, fashion and many new products are launched each year. Watches are no exception, and many new models are introduced every year, from high-end brands to up-and-coming brands.
MUSHA is one of them if you look at it in a big frame.

However, among the wristwatches, MUSHA adds the added value of "individuality" to the point of "reading time" which is the essence of the wristwatch, and uses the self-assertion that other brands do not have as a weapon to give everyone "diversity of self-expression". Will be provided.

In addition, MUSHA is born from the technology of knife manufacturing. Even in Japan, depopulation is progressing in rural areas, and the number of young players in the traditional cutlery industry is decreasing.

MUSHA is also a brand that blows new winds into such local industries and explores new possibilities for the cutlery industry.
A brand that will give joy and enthusiasm to all people who have MUSHA someday. That is the future of MUSHA that I think.

For myself, this VI EMPEROR is a product that seems straightforward to be "cool". I am still focusing on public relations activities, dreaming of a day when I can share this watch with you.

So that this watch does not become a phantom watch

Thank you for your support of crowdfunding.

MUSHA Made In Japan
Masayuki Otsuka


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